I have been doing some major spring-cleaning the last couple of months. Every other day, I would pull out a drawer, go through the stuff and throw things out.

I’ve already given away slightly more than half of the books on my bookshelves to the library.

I’ve identified about a ton of clothes which I have not worn in the last six months, packed them neatly in paperbags, waiting to give them away.

How did I amass all these clothes, most of which I don’t even recall purchasing. I felt really awful while cleaning up. All the money wasted on clothes that I hardly wore and some never even seeing the light of day, having been stashed away in the far corners of the wardrobe. I knew I wasn’t ever going to wear these things but for a long while, I just couldn’t bring myself to give them away. There is always this “maybe I will want to wear this one day” thinking that prevents me from decluttering.

It is no wonder my fridge is always full. Full of old, expired foodstuffs. Mouldy cheeses. On-the-verge-of-rotting fruits and vegetables. It’s so GROSS. Why can’t I be one of those super neat and organised folks?

Old CD albums that no longer work, ancient VCDs, cushions, pillows, drinking glasses (good grief, why do I need like 3 sets of drinking glasses…?). I am on a roll. Once I get into decluttering mode, I can’t stop.

Then I found these in one of my drawers. Rain towels.


I still can’t decide whether they are ‘to go’ or ‘to keep’.

Rain Towels – Keep Or Throw
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