I haven’t been to all the Starbucks outlets in Singapore but I am pretty sure that even if I did, the Playground@Big Splash outlet will remain as my favourite.  

This outlet is bright, roomy, quiet and has quite a number of plush sofas.   I rarely see crowds or students hanging out there with their friends to study (unlike the outlets in the shopping malls).  This is possibly because the outlet is in a not-very-accessible-unless-you-drive location.

^ Everything that counts. Book. Coffee. Muffin. And that’s my priceless, girly, bright pink umbrella in the background. From Korea.

We visit this outlet quite often on Sunday mornings for breakfast.  Whenever I am on leave, I find myself heading out there on my own. 

It is a really great place to chill out, drink a mocha, eat a blueberry muffin and read a book.  In peace and a just-right air-conditioning temperature. I find most Starbucks outlets warm and stuffy. 

I am not sure if it is psychological but somehow, Starbucks coffee seems to taste better in a takeaway cup than in the mug.  These days, I ask for my coffee to be served in a takeaway cup even when I am having it in the cafe.  Not very environmentally conscious!

Starbucks For Chilling Out
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