^St. George’s Church, Minden Road

Everytime I drive along Minden Road to get to Dempsey, I see this red brick church whose architecture I find unique.  Both of us like red brick buildings, and there are a couple of gorgeous red-brick houses in the Simei estate which we would love to live in.  If only we could afford one! 

With the exception of the mosques, a handful of Anglican and Catholic churches, some old colonial bungalows and the Esplanade, I find most buildings in Singapore visually dull.  Almost always constructed in steel and glass, there is hardly any originality in the designs. 

Driving past Minden Road last weekend, we decided to take a walk around the compound of the church.  I think a church service was in progress then so we hung around the area near the front porch and didn’t venture further.  

I learnt from the Internet later that the St George’s Church has a Romanesque architecture (the architectural style of medieval Europe) and was constructed in 1911 (other references indicate the year to be 1913) as a garrison church for the British troops stationed in Singapore. 


During World War II, the church was used as an ammunition depot by the Japanese and the chaplain’s quarters became the home of a Japanese commander.  The church became a civilian church in the early 1970s after the British troops withdrew and was gazetted as a national monument in 1978.

Maybe I should start a little project of going around Singapore to take photos of heritage buildings.  Ah,  I should visit the old railway station along Keppel Road soon, to take photos and eat the nasi padang.  I haven’t been to the railway station since I was 7 or 8 years old.

St. George’s Church
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