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I am in the midst of cleaning up my Instagram photo stream. I currently have over 1000 Instagram photos on the Instagram photo stream, most of which are food photos while some others are trial-and-error photos that I randomly take to play around with the Instagram filters.

I have a series of Instagram photos which I took at the wedding of a couple friend last year. I shared these photos on Facebook with them but I have always wanted to do something nice with these photos so that I could give physical copies of the photos to the couple as keepsake. I was about to use the services of Tiny Tiles and turn these Instagram photos into fridge magnets, then I came across Social Print Studio, a company based in San Francisco that prints Instagram photos.

Instaprints photo Instaprints-DSC_0218-130901_zps10576b54.jpg

Social Print Studio makes it very easy for you to order photos online. I ordered the prints online by selecting the photos on my Instagram photostream, having first given Social Print Studio access to the photostream. They offer several print options – squares, greeting cards, posters, stickers, calendars, mini albums. I chose to print my photos on squares so that the prints look like Instagram photos. It costs me US$12 for 24 photos plus another US$12 for international shipping.

The photos turned up by FedEx within a week. On thick, good quality paper in a matte finish. I am happy…and I don’t think this will be the first and last time that I am using their services.  It is a super fun way of getting my photos printed.


Social Print Studio: Instagram In Print!
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