I never pass up an opportunity to eat a bowl of samgyetang from Tosokchon whenever I am in Seoul. Before Tosokchon, I was never a big fan of samgyetang. I find the broth in most of the samgyetang that I have tried to be weak, and somewhat bland. I like my soups and broths to be robust, milky and strong in flavour. Which is exactly how Tosokchon makes its samgyetang.

You can tell from the photo of the soup how delicious the soup is. It is robust and milky. Very flavourful and delicious. I just want the broth, and don’t really care about the chicken and glutinous rice.

They serve customers a small glass of wine together with the soup. You are supposed to down the wine before you drink the soup. The combined effect of the wine and soup warms your body up. Lovely in cold weather.

Directions to Tosokchon are here!

Seoul: To-Die-For Tosokchon Samgyetang
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