When I was in Jeonju last year, I stayed in a room above a hat shop known as Luella, a French brand that designs and makes hats. It was a fun experience!

The entire three-storey building, located right smack in the Hanok Village, is occupied by Luella. The first floor is occupied by the hat shop and a really cool cafe. The second floor is used as an exhibition hall for hats and a room where they teach people how to make hats. The third floor contained several rooms which are used as living quarters used by the staff of Luella whenever they travelled down south from Seoul for work.

Whenever these rooms are unoccupied, they would be rented out to tourists who are looking for a place to stay in the Hanok Village (where there is hardly any tourist accommodation).

The room was very comfortable, clean affordable and conveniently located in the Hanok Village. The staff were very helpful (including carrying my luggage up and down 4 flights of stairs). When I wasn’t walking around the village, I hung out in the hat shop and the cafe, sipping coffee, surfing the Internet and trying to make meaningful conversation with the staff in English and a smattering of Korean.

I know about 6 Korean words which is clearly inadequate to carry out any meaningful conversation with a Korean.

I bought a hat from Luella as a souvenir to remember my stay. If I visit Jeonju again, I am definitely getting a room in Luella.

Jeonju: Rooming Above The Hat Shop

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