Some time back, a couple of people asked me if I wanted to attend Retrolicious, a concert at Fort Canning where oldies like Debbie Gibson and Johnny Hates Jazz were performing this evening. 

They were all so enthusiastic about “reliving their adolescence” while yours truly was scratching her head, trying to remember who these singers are.  I didn’t dare confess my ignorance. 🙂

Okay, I know Debbie Gibson and maybe one or two of her songs but I have never been an avid fan.   Johnny Hates Jazz…?  Rick Astley…? I struggled to remember them.  TBH hummed a few tunes by Rick Astley and ahhhh, the songs ring a bell somewhat but not the singer.

Oh dear.  What sort of music was I listening to when I was a teenager?  Given that I struggle to remember one favourite group or singer, I don’t think I listened to very much Western pop in my teens.  I must have been one very dull teenager.

Words by F.R David was one of my favourite Western songs when I was a teenager.  The last time I listened to this song was four to five years ago when it was featured in the Pride and Prejudice movie soundtrack.  (I hated the movie.)

Reliving Adolescence
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