I have been spending heaps of money on lunch since I went back to work. Lunch options have shrunk with the terribly hot and humid weather.

Places without air-conditioning are not an option unless I am buying take-away or I have a masochistic streak of wanting to walk around the office stinking of perspiration after lunch.

Most days, I inevitably end up in some slightly pricier places for lunch just to avoid wilting under the heat.

Today, my colleague and I went to the Marina Bay Financial Centre Linked Mall in search of food. And we had frozen yoghurt from Red Mango for dessert!

I ♥ Red Mango – eversince I first ate it in Korea. I am really glad that there is an outlet so near my office which I can just pop by as and when I feel like having a yoghurt fix. They sell two specific flavours everyday and it was ‘original’ and ‘redcurrant’ today. I have to go back on Thursday to try their passionfruit flavour.

I really have to find little things throughout the work day to help me keep my emotional balance.

Red Mango was that one little thing for today.

Peekture: Yummy Frozen Yoghurt
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