It has been so many YEARS since I last played mahjong. 

I love the game and used to play several rounds almost every Saturday night with my friends until the wee hours of the next morning. 

That is, before their kids turned up. 

With the babies, then toddlers, then up-to-mischief kids, it was almost impossible for our friends to play an un-interrupted round of mahjong. 

So we all gave up mahjong, even though we constantly talk about resuming someday.

Tonight, I played a round with my colleagues.  How is it I didn’t know that a small colony of mahjong kings existed around me? 

I really missed the game.  Missed “washing” the tiles, setting them up in rows, throwing the dice, arranging my tiles according to the patterns on the tiles.  Missed picking the tiles, building a good set of tiles, the anticipation of getting “good” tiles, of winning, of not throwing the winning tile for someone else to win.

I was the biggest winner tonight!  Princely sum of $60 in chips.

Pong Pong Hu

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