I have been looking around on the Internet for resort in Cheju that isn’t The Shilla or The Oriental or The Hyatt.

The fangirl in me was tempted to try The Seaes Hotel & Resort, where Boys Before Flowers was filmed or Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju where IRIS was filmed.  But I didn’t like the look of either resort.  They were visually un-exciting and somewhat boring. 

I am quite interested in architecture, not the technical aspects of it but the aesthetics.  If I had the space at home for a library, I would like to devote a section of it to architectural coffee table books.  Unfortunately, I have neither the space nor the budget to indulge myself.

Then I came across this beautiful hotel called Podo.  This is what I am looking for.

A hotel that is architecturally interesting and constructed with traditional local elements such as Jeju stone and wood. 

Photo taken from the website of Itami Jun

I read that Podo, designed by a Korean-Japanese architect known as Itami Jun, means ‘grape’ in Korean and the hotel is named as such because the undulating roof looks like a bunch of grapes when viewed aerially. 

Curiousity aroused, I went and browsed through Itami Jun’s website to see all his projects.  He has quite a large body of work.

The website contained irresistable photos of Podo and his other projects.  And I LOVED most of his other projects, if not all of them.  To me, they all share a similar style: understatedly beautiful, refined and simplistic. 

What makes me even happier is knowing that a number of his projects, apart from Podo, are in Jeju.  Like the Church of Sky, which is supposed to resemble Noah’s Ark. 

I am going to try and visit as many of his projects as possible when I next visit Korea and Japan.  Now, to convince the husband that Podo is worth making a trip to Jeju for.

Man, it’s Korea! Not Hades.

Podo Hotel & Itami Jun
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