Photocopying.  Don’t ask why I am doing this.  Stuff of nightmares.  I don’t even dare to ask myself why.  Because the truth hurts.

Thinking about happy things. 


Like pretty flowers with a lovely scent of jasmine, cocoa and vanilla.

A bird with feathers in jewelled shades of blue and green, looking like an evil high priest wearing a magic cloak.


Multi-coloured parrots screeching away.   Another little bird in glorious shades of blue, whose fish-scale patterns on its body, I love.

Too bad I didn’t get to see the Birds of Paradise at the Birdpark because they were busy mating…and cannot be distracted.

Yay, it is the last working day of the week tomorrow.  A short blistering week.

Photocopying Hell and Birds of Paradise
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