Tagging along on TBH’s business trip to Oslo in July was one of those unexpected but pleasant surprises in life.  We have never really thought about visiting Norway, or any of the other Nordic countries.  We have a phobia of long-haul flights, and having to deal with jetlag thereafter, so we typically stick to visiting countries in our region whenever we go on a holiday.

After hemming and hawing over having to take a long-haul flight to Oslo for a couple of days, we decided that I should just go along. Afterall,  this was a great opportunity for us to see a city together which we wouldn’t ordinarily think about visiting.  Also, summer was perfect for visiting Oslo.

Strangely, on this Oslo trip, both our body clocks adjusted fairly quickly to the time difference.  Not that I am complaining, but the quick adjustment really helped us enjoy our holiday immediately upon arrival.


My first impression of Oslo was its very cool airport.  Unlike most international airports which are designed using a fairly standard combination of steel-and-glass, and comes across as cold and functional, the Oslo airport  has a very welcoming vibe.  Stepping into the airport made me think that I had entered an upmarket Ikea.  The airport’s design had simple and clean lines, and incorporated plenty of light wood and Nordic-inspired furnishings.  As you can see from the photos above, my eyes were drawn to the sleek lamps hung in various cafes located within the airport.

I have to rave about the airport bus that took us from the airport into the city.  It is clean, spacious and get this, comes with free wifi!  I Whatsapp-ed and Facebook-ed for the entire length of the 45-minute journey between the airport and the city.

My second impression of Oslo was how terribly expensive things cost, but that’s another story for another blog post. 🙂

Oslo: A Pleasant Summer Break
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