I was decluttering the folder of photos in my computer and came across the ones which I had taken in Oslo.  It has been one-and-a-half years since we visited Oslo.   If you were to ask me what I remember most about the city, it would be the clean, crisp and pollution-free air, the shiny, glowing faces of the Norwegians and how frightfully expensive everything was for a tourist like me.  

I spent most of my time wandering around the city while the husband was attending meetings.  It was easy to get around on foot, or the tram.

 photo Oslo11-140226-v2__zps1661e421.jpgThe Nobel Peace Museum, a short walk away from the waterfront.

Oslo photo Oslo8-140222-v2__zps291cc236.jpgThe Stortinget (top), the Oslo Parliament House.  The venerable Grand Hotel Oslo (bottom).

 photo Oslo7-140222-v2__zps1166e712.jpgI liked strolling along the harbor area and browsing in the shops at Aker Brygge, the waterfront area where former warehouses have been re-developed into hip shopping complexes and restaurants.  I saw plenty of families coming out for walks in the evening.  Mothers pushing strollers, fathers giving their kids rides on their shoulders, children frolicking in the fountain or running around merrily.  photo Oslo2-140220-v2__zps9d62f970.jpgWhen we were there in July, we encountered rainy weather everyday.  Whenever it rained, I sought shelter in a restaurant where I would order a glass of wine, sipped it slowly while reading a book or people watch, enjoying the spectacular views of the Oslo Fjord.

 photo Oslo1-140220-v2__zps13141130.jpgIf the rain showed no signs of stopping, I would order a bowl of mussels and oysters to kill more time.  The mussels in Oslo were so delicious, I ate them every single day.   The mussels were small, plump, juicy and came in a light creamy broth, with julienned carrots and sliced onions, which I would mop up with crusty bread.  Thinking about those mussels make me drool but the prices make me go OUCH!

 photo Oslo4-140222-v2__zps8dfb0f64.jpgI love hotdogs.  For our first meal, we bought a hotdog at the beautiful hotdog stand, sat down on a bench in front of the waters, and watched the pigeons.  Super yummy hotdogs. I could have eaten several more on my own, if not for the fact that one simple hotdog costs something along the lines of S$10!

 photo Oslo5-140222-v2__zps223f2f07.jpgWe had a massive cold seafood platter for dinner at Solsiden, a beautiful restaurant on the pier. Way too much food for the two of us.

 photo Oslo6-140222-v2__zpsfd367f54.jpg

Oslo photo Oslo10-140225-v2__zpsb6dfe288.jpgI visited the free-entry Vigeland Sculpture Park, home to 227 granite and bronze sculptures by a famous Norwegian sculptor, Gusrav Vigeland, on my own. The sculptures are supposed to be beautiful when viewed with an artistic eye, as each sculpture expresses the depth and emotions of human life.  However, I found many of the sculptures disturbing.

Oslo photo Oslo9-140225-v2__zpsad182c66.jpgBeautiful weather for reading in the park. Breathing in cold, crisp air.

Oslo photo Oslo12-140227-v2__zps355e6aa7.jpgWe also dropped by the open-air Norsk Folkemuseum, the largest museum of cultural history in Norway showcasing how people lived in Norway from 1500 to present. The museum occupies quite a big land area and we spent nearly 3 hours wandering around the premises, looking at both the indoor and outdoor exhibits.

The next time I visit any of the Scandinavian countries which is probably sometime this year, I have to remember to bring plenty of cup instant noodles! For the times when I get hungry in between meals.  Food is really expensive.

Oslo Throwback
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