I went to Nagasaki on a day trip for two reasons – to visit the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and to eat chawanmushi at Yossou, a famous restaurant that was established in the city over a 100 years ago.   After visiting the museum in the morning and eating a huge lunch afterwards, I went to see the Spectacles Bridge, the oldest stone arch bridge in Japan that was constructed by a Japanese monk in the 1600s.  

 photo DSC_0754-140319-v2__zpsc1161c64.jpg The twin-arch reflection in the waters of the Nakajima River produces an image that resembles a pair of spectacles.   The bridge is a lovely piece of construction, simple yet manages to produce a beautiful imagery.

 photo DSC_0772-140319-v2__zpsa237e3ca.jpg  photo DSC_0788-140319-v2__zps4f584672.jpg  photo DSC_0789-140319-v2__zps18190171.jpg A small diversion for Japanese salarymen in suits.  They seemed so happy laughing and waving at their friends standing at the bridge watching them taking photos from the stone slabs on the river.

 photo DSC_0776-140319-v2__zps442c43e8.jpg Nagasaki needs more than just a day-trip for one to see most of the sights that the city has to offer.  After spending most of the day at the Atomic Museum, walking around the Peace Park as well as going to the Spectacles Bridge, I did not have very much time to see some of the other attractions, such as the Kofukuji Temple and Chinatown, before heading back to Fukuoka.   It is always good to leave something behind for the next visit.

Nagasaki: The Spectacles Bridge
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