I enjoy reading personal blogs and spend a good portion of my time on the Internet blog-surfing.

Most of these blogs that I visit regularly (using the trusty Google Reader) are personal-cum-lifestyle blogs, food blogs, photography blogs, travel blogs and Korean entertainment blogs.  Some are award-winning blogs in the blogsphere with the respective bloggers achieving “mini celebrity” status in cyberspace.

Some blogs, I have followed for such a long time, that I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t check them out at least once a day, or at times, twice a day.  Good writing style, with interesting and sometimes, thought-provoking content.

Several personal blogs I visit from time to time, the bloggers write about their lives so vividly and lucidly; I feel that I know them personally, when this is not the case.  It both intrigues and baffles me how they are able to put their own lives and who-they-think-they-are out in the public domain so unabashedly.  Showcasing photographs of themselves and their families. Sharing graphically intimate details of their lives. 

Sure, I take alot of what I read with a pinch of salt.  There is a tendency for people to create a beautiful and glossy picture of their lives, which may or may not be real, in a blog, especially if it is a blog that is intended to attract a following, and eyeballs.

But I believe that no matter how one tries, you can’t actually escape revealing your true self in the way you write.  Little telling details which may have escaped their attention while writing the post but glaring to me, the reader.  I am constantly amazed at how little restraint is being exercised by many bloggers – are they not worried that some of these things they write about may haunt them some day?

This blog was set up to give my creative side a little outlet.  A couple of my friends know about this space and visit it from time to time, but the intended audience has always been for me and myself.  If people who read this blog like my babbling, fine.  If they don’t, that’s fine too.

Even with the very limited audience, I am still very conscious of maintaining the privacy of myself, family and friends in this space. 

I have decided long ago that I will not reveal the identities of my friends and family by naming them and putting up photographs of them. I will not discuss intimate details about my family and professional lives here.  I am mindful not to use my friends, family and even people that I dislike as fodder for this blog.  I am also careful about not making criticisms or providing an un-intelligent discourse on any topic that will definitely make me sound like a git

There are no ‘Comment’ boxes in this blog for readers to leave their comments – since the few people who actually visit know me well enough to be able to reach me through other traditional ways.  Like the phone, email or in person.

This blog is meant to be fun (mostly for me) in a harmless and trivial way. 

So.  Apart from those who know me personally, anyone else who stumbles upon this blog should only go away thinking that the blogger is a 30-something ditzy who enjoys Korean entertainment, ogles at cute male Korean celebrities and dabbles in photography. 

(That’s the image I want to portray of myself to people who do not know me…)

Nothing more, nothing less.  I hope.

Me, Exercising Restraint

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