photo DSC_1022-140322-v2__zps9a7d41ac.jpgWe started the day by walking from our hotel to the Chion-in temple.  Sprawling grounds, quiet and calming.  

 photo DSC_1029-140322-v2__zpsfd0f6ee2.jpgA rare photo of me where my face is not out of focused.  My husband struggles to grasp the basics of using a DSLR…

 photo DSC_1066-140322-v2__zpsd4ee2a7c.jpgFrom Chion-in Temple, we cut across the Maruyama park to get to the shopping streets around the Kiyomizu temple.

 photo DSC_1099-140322-v2__zps9c901653.jpgOne-eyed monster.

 photo DSC_1073-140322-v2__zps058b26be.jpgThis gorgeous little pussy with liquid gold-coloured eyes was the centre of attraction in the park. 

 photo DSC_1067-140322-v2__zpse8b78147.jpgBesides aesthetics reasons, do these bamboo tubes serve any other purpose…?

 photo DSC_1089-140322-v2__zps579539b1.jpgWe walked into the Yasaka Shrine, a Shinto shrine along Gion, and caught the tail-end of a wedding procession.

 photo DSC_1090-140322-v2__zps24cc9a21.jpgThe bride is so pretty.  She looks like Haruka Ayase, the lead actress in Dr Jin.

 photo DSC_1094-140322-v2__zps1d89b35e.jpgI have no idea why I am so fascinated with the Kanji characters on these lanterns.  

 photo DSC_1105-140322-v2__zps9bb30db6.jpgShe makes washing the floor look classy and elegant, doesn’t she?

 photo DSC_1127-140322-v2__zps387bd226.jpgWe ate our lunch – hot soba – in this beautiful traditional restaurant.

 photo DSC_1148-140322-v2__zps657062d1.jpg photo DSC_1132-140322-v2__zpsa85ad8b0.jpgI am not sure if this is Ninen-zaka, or Sannen-zaka.  Hoardes of people were thronging these streets during the weekend that we were there.  No matter how lovely these streets are, I wanted to get out of there.  I felt horribly trapped by the crowds.  Needless to say, we never made it to Kiyomizu Temple.  We walked a bit more before heading back to Gion.

 photo DSC_1146-140322-v2__zps83308910.jpg  photo DSC_1144-140322-v2__zps5bd5134a.jpgSticks of piping hot grilled mochi.  I cannot appreciate this.  Give me a stick of gyutan any day… photo DSC_1141-140322-v2__zps0eee3398.jpg  photo DSC_1142-140322-v2__zps79655d3a.jpgMaikos.  Just ask them politely if you could take a photo of them, or with them, and they will usually be happy to oblige.  That’s my experience.

 photo DSC_1136-140322-v2__zpse7e37f43.jpg photo DSC_1134-140322-v2__zpsf55d8b81.jpg photo DSC_0006-001-140322-v2__zps1001a97b.jpgQueues everywhere.

 photo DSC_0012-001-140322-v2__zps50b86f42.jpgThat’s Okutan, the other famous tofu kaiseki place in Kyoto.   We went to Tousuiro.  

 photo DSC_0007-001-140322-v2__zpsdcca1420.jpg photo DSC_0041-001-140322-v2__zps5f228de3.jpg photo DSC_0047-001-140322-v2__zps93db575e.jpgI wish I could plant a plum blossom tree in my HDB flat.

 photo DSC_0050-001-140322-v2__zpsb9059177.jpgIn Japan, you can spot an ice-cream shop from a mile away.  They always have this big plastic ice cream cone on display outside the shop. I have seen white, green, pink and yellow ones.

 photo DSC_0048-001-140322-v2__zpse91d893f.jpg
 photo DSC_0054-001-140322-v2__zps8f28bede.jpgNope, we  definitely didn’t make it to the Kiyomizu Temple.  

Kyoto: Wandering Around The Streets Of Kiyomizu Temple
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