We’re heading back to Seoul today and will spend the rest of tonight and tomorrow morning going on a mad shopping spree in Skin Food, Faceshop, Nature Republic (and hopefully, nothing else) so that TBH can cart all the loot home. When he goes home tomorrow afternoon, I will make my way down to Jeonju by train and thereafter, by cab to the guesthouse.

I haven’t had major problems getting around in Gangneung and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will remain this way for the rest of the trip to the provinces down south. I have learnt that I must write down the names and addresses of the places that I want to visit in Korean characters and show them to the taxi drivers. I cannot assume that they would recognize the name of the hotel or destinations that I want to visit simply because my intonation in pronouncing Korean words is completely off and they have no idea what I am saying to them.

I should post some more pictures of Jeju-do before I go back to Seoul where hooking my computer to the Internet in the hotel room is a pain.  Staying in Hotel Sun-Bee in Insadong was an incredibly BAD choice on my part – not so much the quality of the room but where the hotel is situated.

I thought the location of Sun-Bee sounded good because it is gobsmack in Insadong, but navigating the human traffic in Insadong with our lugguage in order to get to the hotel from the airport limousine stop is an utter nightmare. Even the taxis can’t seem to find their way through Insadong to the hotel lobby and they would ask you to alight at wherever is most convenient for them, and you go figure your own way to the hotel.  Also, Sun-Bee is located in a back alley of Insadong so it is not quite safe walking back to the hotel from the subway stations station after 10pm.  Especially when you are alone.

Okay, back to photos.

^Jeonbang Waterfalls

After lunch at MINT, we visited the Jeonbang Waterfalls – one of three famous waterfalls in Jeju – on our way back to the resort.  There is a pathway lined with camelia trees leading to the rocks and one can get pretty close to the waterfall.  It was very picturesque and save for the sound of the water crashing onto the rocks, the spot was delightfully quiet and peaceful.  I was half afraid of having to rub shoulders with busloads of tourists that we saw heading along the same way as us.


We saw a couple of ahjummas squatting under a tent that was pitched on the rocks.  Ah, this was a makeshift stall selling raw oysters and shellfish – exactly something which I have wanted to try.  I pointed to a basin filled with shellfish (some sort of clam) and oysters and asked for one of each.


^ This is what we got from the ahjummas.  Not cheap – this plate costs us slightly over S$20.

We plonked ourselves on a dry rock and proceeded to have a taste of the sea!  Even though I love sashimi, I must honestly say that this was a rather squeamish experience for me.

Obviously, we left behind the “most delicious bits” because when we returned the tray to the ahjumma, she gave us a dirty look, muttered something under her breath and ate the leftovers on our plate.

Jeju: Jeonbang Waterfalls
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