A couple of friends and I had an insane time on Wednesday morning, sitting in front of the computer trying to get into Sistic’s website to buy tickets to what was touted as a one-night-only Jay Chou concert.  As expected, the website kept crashing due to the overwhelming response from fans.

Thank goodness we managed to get decent seats for the concert on 24 July, only to find out the next day that the organiser is adding an additional concert on 23 July (why am I not surprised?).

The question now is whether I should also try to buy tickets for the additional night when they go on sale next week.  Ah, the pains of being a groupie. 

About time now to plug some Jay Chou bits here. 

Black Humour (Hei Se You Mo), from his first album, is one of my favourite Jay songs (but I doubt he will perform this during the concert).  I particularly like the music video which is shot in black and white and the concept of him in a wide, open space with just the piano and a female whose role in the music video I can’t quite grasp.

Source: wxyzszlim

And this piano battle scene from his directorial debut, the movie Secret, is another of my favourite thing to watch!  Watching this always makes me giddy AND giggly.  Prince of Piano..?! I think the female lead, Guey Lun-mei, resembles Lee Junki.

Those dimples of his are cute, aren’t they?  Fortunately for me (or unfortunately, I should say), he doesn’t have a pair of droolsome hands.

Jay Chou, Groupie Pains

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