Yesterday, I had a Facebook discussion with an old friend about where we could find good Japanese curry in Singapore. We concluded that none of the curry which we have tried so far in the Japanese restaurants here were half as good as the ones in Japan.

I remember this Japanese curry shop in the Ikebukero train station which TBH and I frequented during our first trip to Tokyo together. Unlike most shops which served the ubiquitous katsudon with Japanese curry, this hole-in-the wall had a wide selection.

My favourite was the vegetarian option which consisted of eggplant (nasu), spinach and an egg. I don’t know what they added to the curry sauce – opium probably – because it was so tasty and unforgettable. I remember entertaining thoughts of setting up a Japanese curry shop in Singapore after I returned from that trip.

Now that I think about it, Japanese curry is farthest from my mind when I am in a Japanese restaurant here.

If I crave for curry, there is always Indian curry and Chinese curry to choose from. And if I crave for curry, chances are that I am wanting something very spicy, fragrant and lemak. Not the mild and sweet Japanese version.

Although I don’t eat Japanese curry outside much, I make it for dinner quite frequently. It is easy to put together, fail-proof and tasty. I usually use thinly sliced pork belly which I stock up whenever it is on offer at the Isetan supermarket. Plus onions, carrots, potatoes and bell peppers!

今日 夜ご飯に カッレを作りました。辛くなかったので、食べやすいです。食べてから、タイの映画を 見ました。とても 楽しかったです。いま 寝ればと 思います。

Japanese Curry

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