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I finally got around to the music shop last week to get a copy of Jay Chou’s latest album, The Era, and have listened to the album a couple of times since.

I feel that this is a pretty good album with most of the songs written in his usual music style. Very listenable but nothing ground-breaking or sensational.  Apart from this song, It Rains All Night  (which has been on replay), I didn’t particularly feel for any of the others.

Nothing that made me squeeeeel “OH. MY. GAWD.”

If I had to compare this album with his previous album, Capricorn, I definitely prefer the latter because of the variety of music styles in one album.  Also, there were quite a number of songs in Capricorn that I really heart.

What I like better than Jay Chou’s music are his music videos.  I know I’ve said it so many times I am sounding like an old, broken record already.    I watched the MV for It Rains All Night for the first time tonight and lurve it.  I have no idea how he injects so much sentiment into a trite love story.

I am not sure if  ‘music videos’ are the right words to describe these clips of his.  I think of them as ‘very short films’.  He should stop acting and focus on directing.  And he also needs to find better female leads for his MVs.  Apart from Hebe, the other female leads never fail to make me cringe with their acting. 

‘Music videos’ make me think of those bubble-gummy productions – erm, like what we see in Kpop.   No plot, no storyline, just plenty of flash, sound and lights with little substance.

Jay Chou: It Rains All Night
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