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I have been glued to the computer watching several animes recently, and haven’t gotten around to updating some of the posts that I have been working on.

Plus work hasn’t altogether been terribly inspiring, which simply means that it is mentally draining (and more often than not, emotionally draining).  So I have been seeking solace in my usual place at home – in front of the computer and my iPad.

Two weeks ago, I had to go to Shanghai for a work conference. I didn’t see anything of Shanghai on that trip. I spent one day flying up, another day in the conference, and the next day flying back home.

The trip was quite a waste of time. The good thing about it was that I managed to eat a bowl of my favourite Tsui Wah noodles while transiting in the Hong Kong airport.  I love the fish soup vermicelli from this chain  – the broth is soooo fabulously tasty.  As I had only ten minutes to eat before boarding the plane, I wolfed down the bowl of vermicelli, and not being to savor the broth properly.

*sigh*  Maybe it is time to make a short trip to Hong Kong.

One more day to the weekend…I am so looking forward to the arrival of Friday.

I ♥ Tsui Wah
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2 thoughts on “I ♥ Tsui Wah

  • Sep 19, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    Looks SO good. I’m going to HK in November so must put this on my list. Any other recs?

  • Sep 23, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    It is lovely weather to be in HK in November! I have some recs – let me cobble them together and send them to you!

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