Not the Birkin.  Or the Kelly.  Or any bag for the matter.

But THIS…! 


A fabulous Leica M7 limited Edition Hermès – in the distinctive Hermès burnt orange colour.

I love how sleek the camera looks. It comes with a 35mm, f/1.4 wide angle lens and a Hermès leather casing.  This is a compact camera with gravitas. 

And there are only 200 pieces available.  I am afraid to even know how much it costs.

I’ve played with a similar Leica before. Not the Hermès one but the Leica M8.2 “Safari” Special Edition below.


My colleague bought the “Safari” and showed it to me.  Oh, it was beautiful to hold and produces very sharp images.  I could understand why he invested in one instead of a similarly priced DSLR.

The limited “White Edition” is also gorgeous.


I am so tempted to get a Limited Edition Leica for myself, except that the price of one could get me a really good pair of Nikkor lens, or another DSLR, or both.  

*Gulps* I just saw the price of the Edition Hermès on a website.  A heart-stopping sum of USD14,000.  It was nice to dream for a very short while about owning one.

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Hermès Is Calling My Name

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