Finally, I have learnt how to insert text widgets into the blog. Widgets are the stuff that you see in the side bars and are tools for placing text, links and images on a blog. For a long while, I wondered how people placed all these nice images and links on their blogs.

Most blog templates come with the standard text widgets such as ‘Archives’, ‘Recent Posts’, ‘Categories’, ‘Blogroll’ which automatically appear on the sidebars of the blog once you include all the necessary metadata in the posts.

For the other widgets on the sidebars such as the sort where images with hyperlinks are embedded in them, I have to customise these myself. I am not so quick with these things so it took me quite a long while to figure out the mechanics.  But like most complicated things, they seem pretty easy after you have worked out the how (except for swimming, I don’t think I will ever learn how to swim…)

This morning, I happily widget-ed away and created an Event Calendar for all the events that we will be attending (either together or on my own).  It would be useful for the husband to keep track of what we are doing. (I don’t send him calendar invites…)

It was quite fun learning how to create the widgets and I hope I don’t go overboard. Otherwise, the blog will start looking cluttered, if it isn’t already the case.

Happy Widgeting
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