Apart from books, I spend an inexorably huge amount of time every day reading blogs. Book blogs, food blogs, Korean entertainment blogs, personal blogs, what-have-you. I like reading anything that is well-written. And alot of it is read on the go.

I use the Google Reader to get updates on a large number of blogs and websites that I visit on a daily basis and any waiting time that I have while waiting for people to turn up for lunch or meetings, I pull out my Blackberry and check Google Reader.

Honestly, the Blackberry has its advantages but quick Internet browsing isn’t one of them. Many times, I encounter an error message on the gadget which tells me that it cannot load the blog that I want to read. I don’t know why. It frustrates me so much that I am being tempted on a daily basis to run out and get the iPhone.

I like reading blogs, not just for the content, but to enjoy the variety in writing styles by people from different walks of life with different nationalities, backgrounds, culture and values. Like why they like a book, or dislike about a book, what is it about a character in the book that speaks to them, what they felt that the author was trying to express in the plot. So on and so forth.

I really appreciate the ability of being able to communicate their thoughts so lucidly in writing (do people actually read these days?). Which is something that I find very difficult to do. It is hard for me to put into words how I think and what I want to say. Most times, the words come out all wrong.

Like how it makes me happy to visit nurseries. But what is it about the place that makes me happy? I can’t actually express how I feel.



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