For over 2 years, I kept a blog on Blogger but have chosen to keep it private. It is my personal space to write whatever I liked (the frivolous and inane), however I liked (possibly in bad grammar but I try to avoid using Singlish) and whenever I liked.

From time to time, friends have asked about the whereabouts of this mysterious blog because they know that I keep one. My response to that has invariably been “if I tell you then I will have to kill you…”

With the new year, I thought about starting afresh; about setting up a new blog with a different look (and keeping the old blog separately). The stark-looking, simple and uncluttered layout of this template appealed to me. I wanted a background in white because I like white alot and also, I feel that photographs look good against monochromatic colours like white and black.

So here I am, on the last night of the year, in the midst of setting up a new writing space and thinking about the answers to several questions.

Firstly, what should the focus of this new space be? Do I want to continue writing whatever random topic that pops into my mind like before? Or do I want to focus on specific areas – such as food reviews, travel, entertainment, etc – but unfortunately, I am not one bit knowledgeable in these areas; so definitely not.

What I do know is that I don’t really want to write about myself and my [rather dull] life, which inevitably leads to plenty of whining and complaining regarding all sorts of things.

Next, do I still wish to keep this space private or do want to open it up to family and friends? I am not really sure about it too. [So if you are reading this now, then you know which way I have decided on.]

For the time being, I guess I will just focus on writing about things that interest me, ie, a mish-mash of books, food, Korean entertainment, movies, art, etc.

Here goes.

Happy New Year 2010

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