We visited the Koh Keng Hoe orchid nursery at Adams Road some months back. 

The nursery is actually the home of the nursery owner, an elderly man in his 70s.  He brought us around his nursery and talked to us about his orchids.  He also told us that he used to cultivate orchids to participate in various orchid competitions.  We could tell that he was very proud of his orchids. 

Somehow, the nursery owner  reminded me of my grandfather who used to grow orchids, mostly Dendrobiums, in his garden when we lived in Thomson many years ago.  (It is very weird how I ended up marrying a man who has my grandfather’s interests and my mother’s control freak and organised-or-die characteristics). 

Walking around the nursery made me think of the house in Thomson which I grew up in. 

I miss living in that house. Even though it was haunted.  Yeah, I grew up in a haunted house and went to bed every night with our neighbours’ dogs howling away.

Hanging Pots Of Orchids
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