photo DSC_0391-140316-v2__zps09bb17c2.jpgI ate one whole ika sashimi, with eyes, tentacles and all, for the first time at Kawataro, a well-known restaurant located in a traditional shophouse between Canal City and the yatai street.  

One order comes with two big ikas. They were fished out of the pond  in front of my table just after I placed the order. For those who are not fond of sashimi, it is squeamish to have the eyes of two big ikas looking at you from a plate.  But for ika sashimi fans, I tell you, it is heaven on a ceramic plate.  

So fresh.  So sweet.  I ate the body of the ika sashimi-style, and after I had eaten the body, the restaurant cooked the remaining cartilage and tentacles in two ways: grilled lightly with salt and fried in a tempura batter. So so so good.

 photo Kawataro-140417-v2__zps1cce739a.jpgKawataro
1-6-6 Nakasu Hakata-Ku
Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka-ken 810-0801 J

Fukuoka: Ika Sashimi At Kawataro
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