I am re-watching the kdrama You Are Beautiful from the Director’s Cut version of the DVDs which I bought a number of months back. This version contained quite a number of really funny scenes which were taken out of the version that I watched previously. Even the kdrama-phobic husband was laughing away.

And then I remembered that FT Island has just released a new album, Beautiful Journey, which I have not listened to.

I like all the songs in the album and I am especially fond of this particular song, Love Love Love. It has got a very catchy and upbeat melody. 

I find Lee Hongki’s voice very compelling – it can be angsty or soothing, depending on the piece that he is singing. Plus he is always fun to watch. But his hairstyle is really bad here.

Okay! Love Love Love is going to be my iPod replay song for the week.

FT Island: Love Love Love
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