This is the fourth time in the last few years that I am trying to learn how to use WordPress.  I have been thinking about switching from Blogger to WordPress for the longest time, except that I cannot find the energy to learn how to use another blogging site, or figure out the intricacies of self-hosting my own domain.

I chose Blogger when I wanted to blog because it is easy to use.  For someone who wants to maintain a simple and fuss-free blog, this is really a great blogging site.  But the problem with Blogger is that it has limitations and lacks basic features and functionality in several areas.

What I really want is to be able to create pages and sub-pages on the current blog to store static information.  For example, if I want to create a page to maintain information re: the ‘Korean wish list’, I cannot seem to find an easy way to do so given that my layout is a customised Blogger template.

I also like that WordPress has plenty of features and provides plenty of flexibility and options in blog management (and it has an option for creating pages and sub-pages just by clicking a button).  The templates look very sleek and professional but can be a little too fussy and cluttered at times. The downside for me is that a Herculean effort is required to first learn how to use Wordpress and thereafter, customise a new blog.

Orso, I am worried that customising it will TAKE OVER MY LIFE.  Features? Which font typeface to use?  Background colour?  How many photos to upload?  Which photos…and the list goes on.  I will be tweaking this and that.  All the time.

The other downside to Wordpress is that it costs money to buy the more complex features (the free version has less flexibility) and to self-host.  I was like – What? You mean I have to pay money to remove the ‘Comment’ boxes in each post, otherwise I am stuck with it in the free version?

Argh, decisions, decisions, decisions!

In the meantime, I shall continue with experimenting on the free WordPress service and see if my efforts amount to anything before I decide whether to make the switch.  Who knows, I might end up with a spanking new blog one day (you know, the kind with rotating headers…?  I already have in mind the perfect photo to grace the occasion, so to speak.)

Or maybe, I will give up, like I did before. Why do I bother to inflict such pain on myself?  Better to use the time to keep myself up-to-date on Korean dramas.  But I know I like the pain because it will be good fun.  Now, to find the energy…

I am hoping to be inspired after our dinner at Guy Savoy tonight.  Nothing like a good meal to make me happy, especially when we know that part of our meal will be put together by a very good friend working in the kitchen.

Fourth Time, And Counting
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