Whenever possible, we like to visit the orchid marketplace at the Botanic Garden (outside the Botany Library, above the foodcourt) on the first Sunday of each month.

If the weather isn’t too humid, we will take a slow walk in the gardens before visiting the marketplace, sometimes venturing as far as the National Orchid Garden.  But the weather being the way it is, more often than not, it’s always a quick breakfast in the foodcourt, pop up to the marketplace as early as possible, before the place gets crowded and humid.

Our last Sunday morning outing at the orchid marketplace netted us three pots of orchids.  I sniffed at them  –  a pity that none of these flowers are scented.

TBH adores the Paphio and this particular one has some grand-sounding name, I think.  I was attracted to the Dorithis primarily because of its colour and the Dendrobium because of the interesting petal shape – in any case, I have always liked white orchids. 


Here is a bigger photo of the Paphio for TBH since he always complains that my photos of the orchids are too tiny. I know he gets really happy looking at photos of his orchids. 

Enough of looking at this phallic-thing.  It gives me the shudders.

First Sunday Of The Month

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