On Sunday, we were invited to a friend’s place for afternoon tea.  He is currently living in a lovely pre-war walk-up apartment in the River Valley area which has lofty ceilings and retro mosaic tiles.  We wished we were living in one of these walk-ups (the only down side being that there are no lifts, which means that I will have to lug heavy groceries up the flights of steps and when I travel, drag the over-loaded suitcases up and down. Not good). You just don’t get such apartments anymore – not in the modern condominium developments.

The few of us had a good time catching up over coffee, home-made scones, crusty bread with cheese, hummus and macarons. Lazing the afternoon away.

Besides the human company, we had a ball of time with the three cats living with our friend – Felix, Kylie and Thor.  Technically, the cats belong to our friend’s housemate.  He adopted Felix and Kylie from the cat welfare society several years ago and is house-sitting Thor, a friend’s cat, for a year.

I absolutely adore the trio!

^ Felix, a docile grey-haired cat with turquoise eyes, can be found curled up in his basket most of the time. He reminds me of a cartoon character but I just cannot recall which one. *The colour of my rug matches my eyes*

^ Kylie has a pair of gorgeous golden coloured eyes and smooth, thick fur.  She is a very sweet and affectionate darling who mews loudly when stroked.

^ Thor is the devil in the trio, albeit an adorably impish one with luminous green eyes. 

Thor would scare the living daylights out of me if I ran into him in the dark.  Imagine having a pair of intense green eyes staring at me.  Not realising that he is actually a guest in the house, he bullies his fellow housemates and is always looking for an opportunity to swat at them with his paws.  Don’t you think Thor looks like a dog? I think he does.

Also, Thor is a sneaky food thief and quite a skilful one.  He is used to being fed scraps from the table by his owners and hasn’t quite understood that his current sitters do not tolerate such a practice. 

Midway through our tea (and conversation), he jumped on a friend’s lap abruptly and took off with a chunk of his scone. For that infraction, he spent the next 30 minutes in cat purgatory, that is, locked in the bathroom where we could hear him hissing angrily.

If I had to choose one of them as a pet, which cat would I pick…?? The husband has decided on Felix.

Felix, Kylie & Thor
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