Like Crazy – the name of the song, not me.

But yes, I was searching like crazy on the Internet for this song when I first saw the MV playing in the BBQ Chicken restaurant (it’s a place that sells Korean BBQ chicken – which explains the TV showing Kpop) where I was dining at. I could recognize neither the song nor the 4-member boy band so I had to hunt high and low in Youtube when I came home.

To digress a little. My husband thinks I am a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Kpop. That I should be well-aquainted with every single Kpop group and song that has ever descended on Mother Earth. He loves to quiz me on the name of every pop group that he sees on TV and would express (mock) horror when the answer is “I-Don’t-Know-Lah”, or tease me mercilessly with his “what do you mean by you-don’t-know…?”

HELLOOO, I don’t follow every single group in the Kpop disapora. Not all are follow-worthy.

Whatever it is, I must be losing my touch (well, I did lose my Touch once and it cost me alot of money to replace it) if it took me ages to identify this song, only to learn that it is a 2AM song called ‘Like Crazy’ from their Saint O’Clock album.

I also found several acapella versions of the song on Youtube. Love love love acapella versions. Because they sound so pretty singing acapella and also, this showcases their vocals (and not just their abs and pretty faces.)


Blimey. Why is it that I never see these things when I’m riding on the Seoul subway?

Acapella during a talkshow. Poor chaps, they have to sing for their food.

CRIPES. Acapella IN SINGAPORE…!!! Last December. For a fanmeet and to participate in a MNET festival hosted in Singapore.

I am definitely losing touch with the Kpop disapora if I didn’t even know all this.

Dipping into Youtube also led me to several other interesting clips of idols that I like.

Fan-gurling: 2AM – Like Crazy
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