Amigurumis are such cute things to make, and I find myself not making enough of them. I have experimented with several patterns – a little pig, a reindeer and a bunny. I found a ‘connection’ with the bunny from Amigurumi To Go and have made three of these so far – two were for a friend who wanted to give them to newborns as gifts.

A pair of girl and boy bunny amigurumi. Shot with iPhone 7+

I have to say that making the clothes worn by the bunnies was far more challenging than making the bunnies. These tiny pieces of clothing took almost forever to make and when I finally finished the last stitch, it was immensely satisfying.

The female bunny in the orange dress has a permanent place on my bookshelf. The male bunny has found a new home.

Crocheting: Dress Me Bunny Amigurumi
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