We were looking around for coffee cups to try out our new Nespresso and remembered these kopitiam cups which I bought years ago but had rarely used.  

I like these cups with the floral (hibiscus, I think) motifs printed on them.  I had a college classmate who enjoyed drinking his hot coffee from the saucers that came with these cups.  So I bought him a box of 6 cups to take along to England – where he was going to pursue his undergraduate education.  And that was also when I bought a box for myself.

Some years back, I had a Caucasian approach me at a hawker centre, asking me where he could buy these cups.  I directed him to a hardware shop nearby and I hoped he found what he wanted.

Maybe we don’t have to go out and buy new coffee cups.  These ones will do fine.

Coffee, In Old Cups

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