We used to visit pre-CNY Chinatown every year but stopped doing so in the last couple of years.  Human traffic, difficulty in finding parking and the humidity became too much of a hassle for us.  But I missed going and it was always the case of  saying “…next year, we will go”. 

Somehow, the ritual of visiting Chinatown has always made CNY more real to me than the obligatory relative-visiting and reunion dinners.  And I think this to be the best time during the year to visit Chinatown – when the atmosphere feels like how (I think) Chinatown should be and not Deadtown.

I was getting a little sick of making pineapple tarts this weekend and wanted some fresh air.  Going to Chinatown seemed like the sensible thing to do.

We left the car at the public carpark behind Maxwell Chambers and the Red Dot Museum, ate dinner at Maxwell hawker centre and walked to Chinatown. 

Lucky for us, the weather was cool and breezy.  Like before, most of the action was in Sago Street, Smith Street and Temple Street and these areas were packed with locals and tourists – which is a good thing.


I almost never buy anything from the stalls but I enjoy hanging around, soaking in the festive atmosphere, see the colouful sights and watch people go about doing their stuff.


And take photos….


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