Japanese oyster Hiratake mushrooms; Emperor shiitake mushrooms.

(Enough horsing around, gushing about pretty Korean boys. *grins*)

When I was in University, I took elementary French classes as a free elective.  Two lessons were enough to prove that I was rather (and still probably am) hopeless with the French language.  Everything went over my head – I just didn’t have enough brain cells to differentiate between male and female verbs, nouns, whatever!  I promptly switched to the Japanese language class. 

Okay, I have just decided that I am learning one simple French word every week.  Mostly food-related words.  I learnt ‘fromage‘ some weeks ago when I was in the cheese cellar at Jones the Grocer. 

It shall be ‘champignons‘ this week then.  Because we went to Mycofarm at Seletar Farmway over the weekend and  brought home a few punnets of organically grown, gourmet mushrooms – varieties which I don’t see sold in the supermarkets that I frequent. 

We bought the Japanese oyster Hiratake mushrooms (in a lovely shade of pearl grey), the Willow mushrooms, the brown Emperor shiitake mushrooms and the white oyster mushrooms.  The farm gave us brown paper bags to keep the mushrooms in so that they stay fresh for a longer period of time in the fridge.

The mushrooms are very fresh and yummy.  We have used them in pastas and Japanese curry, and are thinking of sauteing another batch in butter, garlic and some herbs.  My favourite so far has to be the oyster Hiratake mushrooms because they are meaty, succulent and have a slightly chewy bite. 

I want to go back to Mycofarm again.  And eat an artery-clogging roti prata breakfast at Jalan Kayu before that.  Banana prata for me.


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