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My friends organised a Brunello dinner over the weekend.  We had an all-Italian menu whipped up by C (thanks, Chef!), with the exception of the champagne that I contributed towards pre-dinner cocktails.  Why did I not think of bringing a good bottle of Moscato or Prosecco?

Letting the first two bottles of Brunello breathe.  The other bottle was a 2006 Poggio which I had neglected to take a picture of.  And I just realised, as I am typing this, that we had a 2006 Brunello night.  All three bottles were from the same vintage.

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We started off with a platter of soppressata and salami, hand-carried from San Francisco, to go with the champagne.  The cold cuts were sooooo good but I forgot to take a photo of it.  Too pre-occupied with stuffing cured meat into my mouth.

Then came the appetitser, a warm salad of roasted organic broccoli and cauliflower, tossed in a tart and refreshing lemon-caper dressing.  The warm salad was marvellous.  I was in broccoli-cauliflower heaven, and could have eaten my way through a pile of the vegetables.

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Our main course of porchetta, waiting to be sliced and devoured.  The smells were heavenly.

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More roasted organic vegetables to go with the pork.  Fennel.  Sweet potato.  Parsnip.  I adore fennel and sweet potato, and these were exceptionally tasty.  Organic vegetables taste so good.  I ate way too much of the sweet potato that I hardly had space in my stomach to savour the pork.

Italian @ Braddel View photo DSC_0809-140111-v2__zps15969145.jpg

Italian @ Braddel View photo DSC_0810-140111-v2__zpse5358285.jpg

Trying my best not to drown the thick slices of pork on my plate with the delish sauce made with juices from the meat.

Italian @ Braddel View photo DSC_0817-140111-v2__zps51021c8e.jpg

Sweet endings.  Tiramisu.  I would not have been able to tell that it was alcohol-free just by eating it.

Italian @ Braddel View photo DSC_0823-140111-v2__zps8577278b.jpg

And we rounded off the meal with a goat cheese, also hand-carried from San Francisco, and a sweet Italian wine.

Italian @ Braddel View photo DSC_0825-140111-v2__zpsfa55f6aa.jpg

Thanks to the hospitality and generosity of my friends, I had a wonderful evening sharing good food and wine with like-minded people.  These photos did not do the dinner justice at all.

Life is GREAT!


A Brunello Dinner

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