Woohooo!  My postcards from Bhutan – with plenty of love from myself to myself – have finally arrived.  I was wondering if they were ever going to. 

I started collecting postcards in secondary school and have amassed a modest stash since then.  I always beg for one from people whom I know are going away.  I love receiving postcards in the mail.

So, whenever family, friends and colleagues ask me what I would like them to get me when they are travelling, more often than not, I’ll say “postcard, please!”

I don’t want ‘clean’ postcards. They have to be sent to me through the post, bearing a message (a short one will do), my address, a local stamp and a postmark.

I was just looking at the album (a really nice one with a cute Snoopy cover) which I use to keep all my postcards. It’s a pretty nice collection – especially the ones from exotic places (at least to me) such as Namibia, Costa Rica, even Tiberias (yeah, I know it’s in Israel) and Mexico because I might not get the chance to visit these places to send any to myself.  

I always tell my friends that they don’t have to send me postcards depicting beautiful scenery (don’t even bother to hunt for beautiful ones); the postcards can be of anything – people, local culture, a famous restaurant that they dined at, the hotel that they stayed in, the map of the country, etc.

As long as the postcard is sent to me by post.  And not brought back in their luggage.

Darn, I just realised that I had forgotten to send myself a postcard from Cambodia. 

Mmmmm, I wonder if there are postcards of Rain – wouldn’t it be nice to receive a yummy Rain in the mail?  Even if it is just a postcard?  Then again, such postcards might never reach me.  Stolen in the mail!

"A Postcard, Please"

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