This is exactly the position that I want to find myself in. Curled up in a plushy sofa with a good book.

But what book would I be reading?

Since the onset of the Korean drama craze, I find reading to be an activity that happens for 5 minutes before I fall asleep in bed at night. The husband thinks that watching all those Korean dramas has obliterated my brain cells and made me…..dumb.

The reality is this.  For a long time, I ran out of books that I really want to be reading.  I walk into Kinokuniya and feel completely lost.  I have no idea how to browse the shelves lined with books and look for something that may be a riveting read. 

Then I discovered book blogs.  Book blogs have been around for ages.  But why is I have only recently known how wonderful these blogs are?  They are a great resource for someone like me who is desperately in need of recommendations on what to read.   

Of late, I have been delving into The Literary Stew and The Reading Life.  These blogs have a simple and clean layout without too many blinking widgets cluttering up the space.  The writing is direct, concise and unpretentious. 

Both blogs recommended the book The Elegance of a Hedgehog written by Muriel Barbery, a French novelist and professor of philosphy.  I am intrigued after reading the book’s synopsis.

So I reserved the book through the National Library website – something which I haven’t done in ages and have forgotten the simple pleasure of picking up a book from the library.

I should get off the computer and go read something.

A Good Book A Comfy Chair
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