I am typing this post with a new MacBook Air that I bought over the weekend. Yay! Finally I am able to tick this item on my to-do list.

My previous MacBook Air ‘died’ a couple of years back after serving me faithfully since I bought it in 2011. I have been surviving on my iPhone and iPad Mini since then – these are not the best tools for updating blog posts and processing photographs.

Having not logged into my WordPress dashboard for a couple of years, I come back in only to find out that the WordPress template (Thesis) that I had been using does not work properly. So I spent quite a bit of time looking for a new WordPress theme and am quite pleased with this one after trying out a number of themes. I updated the ‘look’ of the blog with a simple colour palette of white, black, grey and a pop of fuchsia-purple for colour. I also removed widgets and sidebars to achieve a minimalist visual.

I had nearly forgotten how much fun I get from writing here and reading the entries some time later. It is a creative outlet for me that was temporarily lost when my MacBook Air went out of action. I am going to try to keep up as much as I can.

Updating the blog

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