I am aiming for a smutty sense of humour here. For those of you who don’t get it, don’t bother. For those of you who get it, this should at least make you smile (or pretend to, just to humour me!) 

Haha. I felt that a photo of the orchid was kind of dull and thought about adding a human face to “freshen” things up. 

(Oh no, not a photo of myself.  No way. I am trying for a smutty sense of humour, not a narcissistic one.  In any event, showing people wrinkles, eyebags, age spots, warts and all isn’t my idea of being narcissistic.  Or funny. 

Maybe I could consider plastering my face online at some stage – when the orthodontist retires from my life and the plastic surgeon takes over.)

So. A collage of a Paphio. and Rain it is. They go so well together.  The husband isn’t going to be pleased.

When we bought this pot of Paphio from Uncle Chua, it had only one flower and the other bud has just bloomed. Despite my prejudice against the Paphios, I find this particular one beautiful.

So pretty I can ignore its shape. The colour is very pleasant and soothing, unlike some of the others which come in deep, angsty red, or a vile-looking shade of green.

As for Rain, is it possible that a gorgeous body exists under those hideous-looking clothes…?!   Oh my eyes hurt.  You’re supposed to give us butterflies in our tummies, not maggots.

After those falsies, all bets are off as far as I am concerned.  Come on, dude, wear a tutu and give us a glimpse of your shapely legs. Or a bustier and show us those awesome shoulders (and erm, cleavage). Aha, how about a Herve Leger dress to hug those lovely curves and abs? But don’t get me wrong about all this bashing, I still *lub* you!

Camping out in Tuas for two full days has clearly hotwired my brain. Check me out at the end of this week. 

(Did you know that in Tuas, a cup of teh costs only $0.60 and $2.50 gets you a huge packet of nasi lemak with a sausage, an egg, two fried kuning fishes or fried chicken wings, cucumber slices and spicy ikan bilis with peanuts?)

Trying For Smutty
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