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Treasure Hunter. Myeh.

At the behest (I exaggerate, it wasn’t that urgent) of a friend who adores Lin Chi-ling for being so gorgeous (Yes, I would absolutely agree if I thought horses are gorgeous), I watched an online clip of The Treasure Hunter, the movie where she and Jay Chou collaborated in.

Major, major icks.  Both of them were so myeh in it. 

Producing – Jay Chou is good.  Directing – doubleplusgood. Composing – tripleplusgood.  Singing – depends.  Acting – definitely no.  He should confine his acting abilities to his own music videos and only when the script requires him to look vacant. 

To erase the bad taste in my mouth, I listened to some of my favourite Jay Chou songs.


Mmmmm. I love the piano solo in Dandelion’s Promise.
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