photo L1000424-150218-v2__zps1oyznvu7.jpgWe visited the famous Bear Pond Expresso in Shimokitazawa on our recent trip to Tokyo. Google ‘coffee in Tokyo’ and this tiny coffee bar will definitely turn up in the search results. I went there with pretty high expectations given the rave reviews that I have been reading online.

 photo IMG_1099-150219-v2__zpsua4neesa.jpg photo IMG_1100-150219-v2__zpstz5p4xz8.jpg

We ordered a cappuccino and an expresso.

Nope, we didn’t like the coffee one bit, and the service even lesser.  The people behind the counter (who looked like they belonged to the era of John Lennon) were gruff, grumpy and unwelcoming.  

The coffee was acidic, and not really how we like it.  We gulped down our coffee as fast as we could and ran out of the place.  That was our first and will be our last visit.

 photo IMG_1102-150219-v2__zpsowqkfc8c.jpgOur experience at this place was on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Motoya Coffee Express and Omotesando Koffee.  Both these places have baristas who are friendly and look genuinely happy to be around people and their coffee machines.  

Tokyo: Bear Pond Expresso
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