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Thermomix Fun

I have always wanted a food processor and a high-end blender like the Vitamix. But I was reluctant to add two kitchen gadgets to my counter-top.

I have heard so many good things about the Thermomix – it combines all the functionalities of a blender, food processor, miller, steamer in one machine in one machine, and is able to cook food. The downside is that it is the hefty price tag, and would be the most expensive standalone kitchen equipment that I own.

Recently, I attended a Thermomix demo with my friends. Mince shallots and garlic finely within 5 seconds? Cook or steam food at a pre-set temperature and time? Mill grains into fine powder? Pound lobster shells to make bisque? Make lemonade in seconds? Weigh food as you go along? Blend vegetables into soup? Make jam and custard without having to stand and stir constantly over a stove? This machine can do all of that.

I was sold.

Since I took delivery of the machine, I have been playing with it almost everyday. I made braised beehoon (thin vermicelli noodles), ginger sesame chicken, stir-fried vegetables, onsen eggs and my favorite so far, soybean milk.

The soybeans, after being soaked overnight, are blended in the Thermomix, passed through a sieve and added back to the machine, before being cooked in the machine with pandan leaves and some sugar. All done in 30 minutes!

I have been bringing a hot thermos flask of soybean milk to work almost everyday!

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