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The Frozen Princesses + Me

 photo MajesticSeafood-140529-v2__zpsbdceff45.jpg

“Take photo, take photo!” That’s what I like to do with my nieces (who like most girls in that age group, are crazy over the animated film, Frozen).  We were having dinner during the Mother’s Day weekend at the Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant at Gardens By The Bay.  I thought the restaurant would be a nice venue for a family dinner. It turns out that the view of the Gardens from the restaurant was passable, the service was decent but sadly, the food was not quite up to the mark.

It is always fun to see these two chattering magpies.  For exactly two hours.  Any longer would undoubtedly result in a headache.

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Sisters Act

 photo bb74b852-7292-4f8f-ac04-060425eb6f54_zps6e2a5fa1.jpg

Getting my two nieces to pose for a photo before our reunion dinner was an opportunity for them to make funny faces at me.

Just spending two hours with them and their non-stop chattering was enough to send me home with a migraine.  Yes, they are cute.  In small doses!

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