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I visited the Suncheon Open Film Set several years back which I have not blogged about and I just feel like doing so now!  Lots of my friends like to ask me for recommendations on where to go outside Seoul, besides Jeju and Busan.  I always say ‘Go to Suncheon!  It is a really nice place’.  So far, no one I know has taken me up on my suggestion. Boooo.

After going to the Suncheon Bay, Songgwangsa Temple and Seonamsa Temple, I had a spare morning before heading back to Seoul.  I was torn between the Naganeupseong Folk Village and the Open Film Set, and had only time for one.  I picked the latter because the city bus schedule to and from the folk village was not good for me.  No regrets ‘cos the Open Film Set is one of the most interesting places that I have been to.  Highly recommended especially if you are a photography buff.   

I took a cab to the Open Film Set (it is just a short ride away from the Suncheon city centre).  The location is a little out of the way to hail a cab back to the city centre, so what I did was to ask the staff of the ticket office to call a cab for me when I was ready to leave.  I have done this many times while visiting out-of-the-way places in various parts of Korea and the Koreans have always been very helpful in getting me a cab.  There is a small entrance fee to the the Open Film Set, though I cannot remember how much it is now.  

 photo DSC_0092-2-101121-v2__zps5b659fac.jpgThis film set is fairly huge and very nice.  They re-created the streets of Korea from the 1950s to the 1970s in this place.  It is akin to being in an open-air historical museum, and  a good place for young Koreans and foreigners to learn more about the history of the country.  I remember being glued to Sandglass, a highly popular drama set in the 1960s and 1970s, portraying the political situation in Korea at that time including the events around the Gwangju uprising.  

There were several groups of photography buffs taking photos with their friends posing with the buildings.  I was alone so I tried to snap photographs whenever someone in this group posed for a photo; otherwise, I would only have photos of the buildings and streets.

 photo DSC_0046-2-101121-v2__zpsa5d47dcf.jpg photo DSC_0048-1-101121-v2__zpsca69819a.jpgI was amused by these ‘jumping in the air’ shots.  They look like they are in pain! Or is it ecstasy?

 photo DSC_0067-2-101121-v2__zps811c48f9.jpgWhat is a tea room…? 🙂

 photo DSC_0069-2-101121-v2__zps2b00cd1d.jpg photo DSC_0073-2-101121-v2__zps25a81d81.jpgI have no idea what is this building supposed to be, but I like that they have thoughtfully placed a nice stool or chair outside most of these buildings for people to pose for photos.

 photo DSC_0096-2-101121-v2__zps1adab28f.jpgCool pose.  Okaaay, enough chattering.   It is just gonna be a bunch of my favourite photos of the film set from here onwards.  *I really really like this place.*  

 photo DSC_0076-2-101121-v2__zpsb26c8b30.jpg photo DSC_0087-1-101121-v2__zps9e666bdc.jpg photo DSC_0065-2-101121-v2__zpsb4bdd5f2.jpg photo DSC_0071-2-101121-v2__zps058bf531.jpg photo DSC_0098-1-101121-v2__zps3b73eb3c.jpg photo DSC_0075-2-101121-v2__zps997f64b6.jpg photo DSC_0125-2-101121-v2__zps28275790.jpg photo DSC_0126-2-101121-v2__zps30f2e190.jpg photo DSC_0080-1-101121-v2__zps25d7b581.jpg photo DSC_0120-1-101121-v2__zps1ec46dec.jpg photo DSC_0129-1-101121-v2__zpsdc1cc88d.jpg photo DSC_0077-2-101121-v2__zpsfe5a795a.jpg photo DSC_0134-1-101121-v2__zps02b76edf.jpg photo DSC_0156-2-101121-v2__zpsb80a5cd6.jpg


Suncheon: Open Film Set
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