‘Agent Strawberry’ – Once Upon A Milkshake

Not very fond of strawberries (unless they are Korean strawberries) but I like strawberry milkshake.  Alot.

I still remember those days when going to McDonald’s for a happy meal meant having a strawberry milkshake, French fries and a cheeseburger (without the pickles, of course) – in descending order of importance. 

For some reason unknown to me, McDonald’s stopped selling milkshakes and I felt a huge, crushing loss.  One day many years later, McDonald’s put milkshakes back on their menu but my happiness was shortlived. The strawberry milkshake just did not taste the same as before.

A few people recommended Billy Bomber’s strawberry milkshake and I tried.  It turned out to be a lemon!  Thin and tasteless.

Anyway, Relish came along and I rediscovered the joys of sipping a delicious strawberry milkshake.  Served in a tall glass, Relish’s milkshake is thick, creamy and robust with small chunks of strawberries added to give some bite.  I have no idea how they make this – and I am not sure I want to know – but I am sure a glass of this pink concoction pretty much maxes out my permissible calorie intake for the day.

Recently, we have been frequenting Once Upon A Milkshake, an ice-cream and milkshake parlour at Maxwell Chambers. I like this place.  The whole set-up, in a purple-and-white theme, is very charming and quaint.

I am addicted to their strawberry milkshake, which is homemade strawberry ice-cream blended with low-fat milk.  It is everything yummy without making one feel je-lak.

Have not tried any other flavours yet.  And I doubt I will get around to doing so anytime soon.

Strawberry Milkshake

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