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Spindly Arms & Legs

Gauging by the number of groups staging concerts and fan-meets here in the last year, it does look like K-pop mania is fast picking up speed in Singapore.

Unlike the frosty ‘raised-eye-brow, are-you-insane’ look that I got a few years ago whenever people hear about me attending such events, people are gradually warming up to these things.

A few friends (I have to qualify that these are adult friends in the mid-30s age group) of mine attended the SNSD concert last night, which I heard was a sold-out concert. It was my turn to give them the ‘raised-eye-brow , you-are-not-joking’ look when I heard that they had bought tickets to the performance. SNSD…? I could understand if it was a boy group, but SNSD..? I must be missing something.

SNSD is a group that I do not follow, and have no clue what songs they sing. Maybe the song Gee. Hard to believe but the truth is that I do not follow most of the idol groups that are currently in vogue.

Oh dear. It is getting difficult to maintain my reputation as the Kpop queen amongst the people I know. Time to play catch-up. So I searched for SNSD’s songs on Youtube and “The Boys”, one of their latest hits, popped up at the top of the search results.

Ah, now I remember. A male colleague sent me a link to this music video last week with the subject header written as ‘HOT’.

Seriously, where is the babe factor eh? I cannot see what is their appeal, especially to the fair sex. They are not eye-candy. Not HUNKS. Not adorable. Just nine quite-pretty girls with spindly arms and legs.

Gimme pretty boys with chocolate abs!

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