I am 35 years old today.  Holy cripes.  THIRTY-freaking-FIVE years old…?  I am definitely in the ahjumma category.

I don’t actually feel like 35 (not that I know what a 35 y.o. should feel like) though my constantly aching back reminds me that I am on the wrong side of 30. 

I desperately need a deep tissue back massage because my shoulders and upper back are hurting so badly from lugging the heavy camera bag everywhere.  And I seem to get tired very easily after walking for a couple of hours – the physical stamina seems to be deteriorating day-by-day (although I’m inclined to think that this is largely a consequence from sitting in front of the computer most of the day and a lack of regular exercise).

After breakfast, the resort staff delivered an unexpected surprise to my room.  


For a very very brief moment, I thought it was from TBH.  But that chap denied it vehemently and I believed him.   Why did I even think that he would do something like that?   

Turns out that the surprise was from a few friends in Singapore.  I was utterly surprised that they would go through all the trouble and expense (TBH was super pleased that he was saved the trouble of getting flowers…)!  We were totally looking forward to getting drunk on champagne during dinner.

I spent quite a bit of time prancing around the room with my basket of flowers, snapping photos of it, and replying to text messages from friends wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’. 

Afterall, how often does a girl receive fresh flowers and champagne…?!  This is definitely a first in my 35 years (and hopefully not the last).

And I am looking forward to lunch at the MINT restaurant on Phoenix Island.

Korea 2010: Roses & Bubbly
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