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On my way to One Chu at Garosugil, I walked passed this nondescript-looking ice-cream parlour called SOFTREE which was two shops away from One Chu.  The fonts on the signboard caught my attention and I decided to check it out after my churros binge.  The ice-cream parlour is tiny, simply furnished, with very limited seating space.  It has a narrow aisle that is wide enough for a bench that sits at most four people, and a table with some chairs outside.  I guess it is more of a take-away ice cream place.

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I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of the wait-staff could speak pretty good English.  We chatted a little and I learnt that SOFTREE serves organic milk soft-serve ice cream.  I  could choose to have the ice cream in a cone, or a cup, or in a ‘corno’, which is a cone-shaped bun.    I used to eat these cone-shaped buns filled with custard that were sold in a confectionary near my home.

I really wanted to try a ‘corno’.  It reminded me of our local ice-cream sandwiched in a slice of colourful bread that is sold by ice-cream vendors on the street.  BUT I was too full from churros and beer!  I decided to go with the option of a cone.

Very interesting way of displaying the cones!

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It was nice of the serving staff to hold the ice cream cone patiently for me to snap a photo. Then I found a spot just outside the shop where I could lean against, enjoy the ice cream and watch the activities in the shop.

I loved the soft serve ice cream.  Yummers! It was smooth, silky and intense with strong milk flavour.  I felt like I was eating a thick and creamy milk (you may not like this ice cream if you don’t like the smell of milk).  The ice cream was topped with honey chips, shaped like honeycomb.  I didn’t quite like the honey chips ‘cos they overwhelmed the taste of the delicious ice cream.

I want to make a return visit and try some of the other topping options, though I suspect I am one of those who likes the ice-cream without any toppings.

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Directions to SOFTREE
551-3, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
T: +82 2 541 0301

Take subway to Sinsa Station (Seoul subway line 3) and take exit 8 and go straight until you seeMissha cosmetics shop on the left side. Turn left (into Dosan-daero 13-gil) and walk on the right hand side until you reachPeople to People clothing store in the corner. Turn right to the small lane where A Mug for Rabbit Cafeor Youk Shim Won Gallery is. After about 50m, you will find a 3-intersections with Merial Music Academy. Turn left and you will be able to see SOFTREEon your right.

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Seoul: SOFTREE Organic Milk Soft Serve In Garosugil
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